Looking for someone to integrate RTE/BBCode output with Mailersend to create HTML emails

Looking for someone to create proper integration of RTE/BBCode output with HTML input for Mailersend emails. (mailersend.com)
Resulting emails need to be identical to RTE input.

I can assist you

Pm sent please check


Hey! This free plugin does the job pretty perfectly.

Hi Mac2,
Thanks for your reply. I appreciate the suggestion.
Actually converting the BBCode to HTML is not my real issue.
Integrating that with Mailersend and getting the output to mirror what was on the RTE is my issue.
As I don’t know anything about HTML I don’t know why the output does not match but think it might be related to having to change/update the styles in the HTML.

Have you tried the plugin I sent, and it doesn’t work?

Yes, I have. I have used that one, as well as the Advanced Rich Text Input and Air BBcode to HTML converter.

Here is a test with BBCode to HTML plugin.

Here is the resulting email. Notice the spacing is off, no font color or background color, as well as the fonts were removed from the “Test” words.

Also, “Small, Large Huge” does not come across properly as well.