Looking for talented UX, UI and all round designer

Hey guys!

looking for a UX, UI and all round designer to help finish off a product I have created. I have the core app built but require a front end to make it look good!


Please dm me too. I could use a good Bubble + UI + UX person

Hi @burnsadam123, how are you?

My team can help with this :smiling_face:

We have 3 talented developers, an in house designer that creates stunning professional designs and an seo team for when the platform is launched to get users.

Should take a moment to look at the dates.

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i’m even wondering why the topic hasn’t been closed yet lol

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Hahaha it popped up and i didnt even look LOL :sweat_smile:

Hi Zubair :wave:t5:

I think you should even consider Airdev’s canvas UI/UX framework. It is built beautifully and saves a lot of time.

You won’t need a UI/UX pro when you use it, but someone that is good at building with it.

Here’s a link to a mini AirB&N-like app I built using canvas: HostSpot

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