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Looking to create video chat between 2 users. Someone please help

I’m looking to create a social media app. Does anyone how add video chatting between users to an app just like on Facebook messenger or what’s app?

You can try integrating with something like OpenTok and creating a javascript plugin in Bubble.

You could spin up a room in Gruveo or

I’m a new bubble developer are there any tutorials on how to setup tokbox via javascript?

Hey @andrewlamar06,

Bubblers like @scott.barnett seem to be working on some cool things in that area. Give them a shout. :slight_smile:

Hi @andrewlamar06, this is Scott Barnett. I don’t seem to use the @scott.barnett handle for some reason.

We’ve integrated tokbox into our product, but not directly with Bubble. Instead, we built our side of the tokbox API with javascript and host that separately (created it before Bubble allowed JS Plugins). Then we iFrame the working video into our product so that it seems to users as if it’s a fully integrated product.

I’m happy to help you figure things and avoid some of the mistakes we made. Also open to collaborating to add a tokbox plugin for Bubble. After all, my team probably has the majority of the code we’d need for that already built.

So, let me know what I can do to help. And, happy to jump on a call to explore if that’s easiest.


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Is there a fee for all of this? also to my understanding the code for this functionality is being written and a given to me to integrate with my app on bubble? I’m just a guy with ideas. I’m not familiar with terms like javascript etc. I’m trying to have an understand in layman’s terms of how to bring my app ideas to life.

Tokbox charges a monthly fee based on usage. Minimum fee is $50/mo, but it can be quite a bit higher if you have a lot of usage. Their site details their pricing.

I’ve paid to build Javascript code that enables me to use Tokbox for video calls. I still have to pay Tokbox the same as anyone else does. I’m happy to collaborate and help you out. I’d be doing so to help you out, not to make money.

Very simple and “free” method …

Add HTML element to page.

Then generate a random id and pass it to both parties.


I am a rookie at coding and Bubble period. What did you mean by the message below?

Very simple and “free” method …

Add HTML element to page.

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Yes, it is.

Gruveo works (at least on some Browsers, Safari will need them to use an app) by allowing you create free video chat rooms using an id you can just create yourself. And it is free.

So invent a name … in this case tiddlypom and add it into the URL

And if we both use that link … we can video chat for free.

So to get a chat between two people in your app, you can create a random id … and insert that into an HTML element.

So use “Calculate Formula”

And then “Generate Random String”

For your app you will need, I think, to share this random code between two parties, so perhaps set it up as a custom state on the page, then when you “call” someone you send them the random code.


Wow thanks!!! Is the “random id” and “HTML element” two different things? Or is it all one HTML element?

NigelG: you are a STAR! (always there helping people) awesome! :star:
Thanks a lot!!

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Hi Nigel! Thanks for your help with the video chat feature. Is there a way to send the “Random String” to the user who has the link embedded in their profile? I’ve made a link to where the random string will appear to the user who clicks it, but now I need to notify the user who has the link in their cell.

You need to create some sort of “chat” thing i would suggest.

So they other user gets a notification that someone wants to chat, and they pick up the random code from there.


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