Looking to debug access token request to google api which comes back as invalid


Always getting invalid grant :sob:

I tested the oauth flow with a plugin and it works, but desperately want to be free of plugins :slight_smile:

Here’s the api call:

I haven’t set this up myself, but it looks like gmail is expecting a refresh token and you’re not sending one. Did you notice that?

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Sorry I should have removed that for this - that’s an auto token refresh that returns an error because the above doesn’t work :innocent:

This is what I’m getting back on the above

Okay fixed :sweat_smile: Guess what - the problem washttps://bubble.io/plugin/gmail-api---receive-and-send-emails-1607550192575x126324510825381890 the HTML element of this plugin invalidated my auth code as you can only use it once. I was trying to be free from this plugin but didn’t remove it fully :sob:

If anyone struggles with the Gmail api - once you have it working - it’s dead simple- no plugins needed