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Looking to partner up

I’m looking for other devs to partner up and start a venture studio for Bubble apps.
Get back to me if you’d be interested so we can talk.

Thank you!

Can you explain, just a bit more? Would these be bubble-builder apps? Or apps that our users can interact with via our bubble products? Because the later would interest me.

Not sure I understand your question.
Basically, it’s like a venture studio, but for Bubble apps/websites.

Apologies, I should have familiarized myself with the term “venture studio.” I think it’s a good idea… What kind of legal entity and in what country would the studio reside?

pedrodsabugueiro, hello
I’m quite intrigued by this concept, please. Could you DM me further information?

I was not familiar with the concept of Venture Studio too. I found this article helpful. What is a Venture Studio?

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:bulb: :clap: exactly what I’m doing :rocket:

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Good luck

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Hi @pedrodsabugueiro,

I would be interested.

Let me know if you still looking.


Sure! Feel free to DM me :slight_smile:

Sure! Feel free to DM me :slight_smile: