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I feel like I have read every article and watched every video on how to populate a field based on the selection in a drop-down field. But, I’m still not getting it. The closest I got was when I specified to show the “:first” item in the list. But what I want is the data from the other items in the list too? I created a state and then tried to use it to isolate the data I needed, but I’m still not understanding how groups affect data & vice versa. I am not able to find a video that just shows how to do the simple lookup - This has to be one of the most popular uses for a database, yet I am not able to locate any specific instructions. Thanks! Paul

Hi @pshoemaker !

Are you trying to search for a thing in your database and display its data in text fields?

I have a dropdown with professors’ last names, I have fields I want to populate for their email, assistant, assistants’ email and that data is all of one type. So, yes I want to populate the 3 fields with data from 1 record for the professor that was selected. I have a workflow that says “when the dropdown faculty’s name has changed” that event populates a state with the faculty’s last name. I guess the idea is to use that custom state to isolate and display the related values in the fields.
Supposedly in the instructions that I was following, if I put the fields to be populated in a group, then I can reference that group when populating the 3 related fields. I have yet to understand how groups play into isolation of fields. Perhaps there is a better way to do this? Thanks for your help!

It is much simpler than I think you are doing…

If your dropdown’s type is “Professor”, then every selection brings in background all the fields/data of your choice.

So if you have a text field, just link it to your dropdown’s value like this:

Dropdown’s value assistant

This will display the assistant of the selected professor.

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Aha, That works, thanks @rpetribu