Populating fields based on a dropdown selection

I have only been on bubble granted for 5 hours. However, the first 2 were spent building my api links (did that in 10 minutes), and then about 30 minutes to get a dropdown to show the options from the json return. All worked well. Now all I want is if someone selects something from the dropdown which shows only one record - I want all the fields available in the json to appear in text boxes. I created a text box group. I was able to select the parent curl and the json record I want by its key name. But - when I go to preview - the drop down works - but the text boxes don’t show anything - they remain blank with a …edit… above them that I can’t seem to eliminate. I don’t want folks to edit - I just want to disply the rest of the information associated with the dropdown selection. Throughs?

even a link to a useful youtube file would be appreciated.

Hi I solved this by having other input fields be dependent on the dropdown results. For instance other fields had a condition set to the value of that input field. Different values would show different dropdown types