Loop on a Loop that runs recursively - Backend workflows


I am looking for a way to create a double loop that runs recursively :

  • I have created my “bottom loop” (create-terms-work-periods). It works fine
  • I have create the “top loop” (iterate-terms-works-periods) that looks like this :

From my understanding, in the “top loop”, the endpoints are executed asynchronously.
I’m looking for a way to start the next iteration in the “top loop” after the one before
I am looking for a way to make the next iteration of “top loop” waits until the one before is finished.

The problem I have is that in my “bottom loop” I am using condition on elements created in the previous iteration.

Many thanks

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Just put parameters onto the api endpoint to carry this data over

Thanks @boston85719, but it doesn’t seem to work since the first api endpoint and the ones after are all running at same time in the “top loop”.
The “create-term-work-periods” are running X times simultaneously
Maybe i am missing something.

Without seeing the actual workflows I have no other ideas

Hello @boston85719

Actually, it’s a basic loop on a loop :
For each X { (iterate-terms-works-periods)
For each Y { (ceate-terms-work-periods)

Since the only way to iterate in bubble is through API endpoints, the “iterate-terms-works-periods” is API Endpoint that calls “ceate-terms-work-periods” “X” times. The problem I have is that they run simultaneously.

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Yes, I’ve seen this screen shot before, but not the screen shots that would help understand how everything is set up

Schedule API Workflow create-term-work-period

Where is that? and what is the set up?

Here it is.

In step 2 I would like to put a condition on the previous run, but since they all run at the same time it makes no sense .