Run workflow in sequence continually until condition is met


What is the best solution to run a backend workflow in a set sequence where one workflow must be completed successfully before the next one starts and where each must be completed in the set sequence?

Example run the following workflow sequence in this order after receiving a webhook notification to an endpoint:

  1. run separate api to get other information
  2. create account
  3. generate coupons
  4. run coupon api
  5. allocate coupons

Where it has to run in this sequence and one workflow must be completed before the next workflow begins (otherwise it keeps running the previous workflow) until the condition is true.

Another example of continually running a workflow until a condition is met:

API example: one of our API’s has a limit of 40 calls per minute. When this amount is met I won’t be able to make any more API calls until the next minute. I can put a yes/no field in the table to indicate when an API is processed for the line and have a only when condition to process lines that the condition meets. How do I make it continually keep running the workflow until the condition is met for every database entry?

Thanks for your help.

This might help