Loyalty App (increase values)

Hi all, trying to put together a loyalty based app and ‘simply’ increase a specific users loyalty value +1 when a vendor inputs their user ID and clicks a confirm button. I’m trying to make a change to a thing or a list of things

Workflow that I’m attempting to do to the confirm button without any success is:

  • ‘do a search for’ a specific Users UserID based on a vendors UserID input
  • then change the resulting Users Loyalty Number by +1

Can anyone advise?

It’s just this:

Note that the value for “List to change” can be anything that the page can access. That is, I don’t have to do a Search – for example, there may be a list of Users already associated with something (like Vendor’s User’s or whatever).

The change field part of the dialog says, “take this User’s current Loyalty Number and add 1 to it”. For each User in the specified list, the value will be incremented.

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Saw your post… If you want to change just a single thing, do Make Changes to a Thing, not Make Changes to a List of Things. :wink:

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Thank you Keith, but I’m clearly not understanding something.
When I follow your guidance I don’t believe that ‘This User’ is actually being specified - so in my understanding I need to identify the user by the UserID first.

I have 2 defined User Roles - Consumers and Vendors - in this instance a vendor is logged and trying to give a single, specified user this localty point.

I can’t make any changes to a single thing as when logged in as a vendor, a Consumer is neither a current user, current page user or parent groups user. While ‘Doing a search for’ auto changes it to a list automatically. Am I missing something?


Right: Searches always return a list of items. However, that list may have only 1 item (or even 0 items) in it. Suppose you have a search that, by definition, will only ever return 1 or zero items. For example, consider the following Search (ignore the fact that I’m doing this search as an input to an RG):

:point_up: If there is a User in the database with this specific UID, the returned list will contain just 1 item – the User we seek.

If there is NOT a User in the database with this specific UID, the returned list will contain 0 items.

To get the User out of the list, we can just reference Search for Users :first item.

That item will either be empty (null) or contain a User.

So, that’s how you use the input to Make Changes to a Thing, right?

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Hi Keith, thank you. Added first item and I’ll check that this works.
I had some issues with bubble in the ‘search for users’ dialog box. It was not actively detecting an UserID input placed in the app so i had no means to search for my specified UserID. I’ve not made any app changes and it is now detecting this dialog (miraculously)

thanks for the input