Magic link does not send email

Hello good afternoon. I’m making a mini system for my work, where the manager will be able to send a link to the person he would like to hire, and that person will pre-register.
I made the necessary settings, but it’s not working. Would it be a configuration error or an error with the bubble’s magic link?
follows photos with the flow of settings.

first there is a button “Add Invitation” that opens a modal with the email inputs and name of the person who will be invited.
In the modal there is a “confirm” button to send the email with the magic registration link.
I added the workflow to create the magic link, I believe everything is filled in correctly, but no email arrives.
OBS: I checked the message box, junk mail (spam) and others.


For Bubble’s magic link to work, the email your’re sending magic link to should be registered in the app. So your best bet is to use the action “Create an account for someone else” as 1st step in Confirm button click workflow and send magic link in the 2nd step

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