Magic link not sending email


I’ve set up my magic link, I initiate the workflow, it shows that it has sent the email as per my workflow on the logs. For some reason I don’t receive it at all. I’ve tried with several email IDs and its the same scenario. I waited for an entire hour to confirm.

It did work a month ago the only thing I’ve changed as my privacy settings, Can his affect the functionality of magic links.

Also the tests I’ve been doing are in development when it did work. In Live it doesn’t. The other factor could be that I don’t have an email service set up like send grid? Is this required for it to work in the live version. I couldn’t find this in the documentation that is is a mandatory requirement?

Be gentle, I’m still a noob.

Privacy settings can definitely affect sending email especially if you are referencing a User’s email and the privacy setting prevents the Current User from accessing the email address. You do not have to use a service like sendgrid. For the longest time, we never used send grid in our app but then something went wrong with the default Bubble email server or something so we started using Send Grid to ensure no down time.

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