Magic link flagged by Outlook as "Unsafe"

Magic link used for helping the user with login is flagged by Outlook as “Unsafe”

Using Gmail is fine for some reason.

I’m using Cloudflare, have set up the relevant SPF and DMARC records. I realize that the issue might be with SendGrid API at Twilio (default Bubble magic link) since that’s the link that’s being blocked by Outlook and not Gmail. Please advise on what to do, thank you.

I know this thread is old, but this has been annoying the crap out of me as I now have many users inside banks and insurance companies.

I can see in Postmark that their corporate email security is pre-screening the links marking them as invalid and a few minutes ago, their corporate firewall is doing the same! All outbound links get checked and then redirected by whatever security is being used.

I made a workaround so I can generate a magic link in my admin tool and when I test it, it works fine. When users use our chatbot for help, they can’t even click the magic link without it being intercepted by whatever security is set on their company firewall.

I’m implementing OTP today as the primary method for login.

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