Emails Not Working

Not all the time, but sometimes our welcome and password reset emails are not being received. I checked the server logs and it shows up fine there, but no one actually gets the emails. Any ideas?

SendGrid strikes again, I guess.

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Check out an alternative email API like Postmark

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I’ve put in a support ticket, because I can send emails that don’t have the password or magic link, but the moment we try to send a password or a magic link it shows on the server log, but no one gets the email. It doesn’t matter what email service they use either.

Yep, the magic login link email is not working

It’s working for me, but I’m sending through Postmark. If you’re using the built in send with the magic link action then you’re probably hitting deliverability issues with Sendgrid.

I tried using the magic link as a “result of…” with Postmark but it isn’t working


This is how I have mine setup:

  1. image

Works fine for me!

I had to switch to SendInBlue. Sometimes our emails would go through and most times if the emails have a temp password they don’t work. It’s mind boggling as it’s such an important feature. So we switched.

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