Magic link to edit data via email link

I’ve got a marketplace app similar to Thumbtack (but different market). I’m looking for a way for customers to close their job request via an email link/button. I want to make the interaction as frictionless as possible, so ideally they wouldn’t need to login. Any ideas on how to generate a link that when clicked edits a specific ‘thing’? ie. they click on a link, it authenticates the link is genuine and closes the job request.

I fear there is some things not too clear. What is the exact workflow? A customer gets an email with a link and when the link is clicked, they accept the offer?

Should be easily done via API params:

  1. Link in Email with param Unique ID or Slug
  2. Get params
  3. Change thing according to params


You would need to create the link to send via email that contains the parameters that the page will read to execute the workflows

This would not be possible I believe…the page would need to be opened, which would then automatically execute functions and then could add an alert to notify process is complete and they could close the browser or be redirected to a new page

Thanks, this is really helpful. It’s actually much simpler than I thought :slight_smile:

Yes, I guess there is no way unless they open a page. Still, this would be better than them having to log in