Create/Modify data via email?

Hi guys,

I was wondering whether it is currently possible to create or make changes to a ‘thing’ via an email. For example, when someone is sent an invitation via email on Google Calendar, the recipient has the ability to update the invitation status by choosing one of three options - “Yes”, “Maybe” or “No” (see below image). I aim to do the exact same thing using Bubble.

If this is possible, what email marketing/transactional provider is best for achieving this?


Gmail does this through the On-click-actions.
I don’t know if other email clients outside Gmail supports this.

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The closest I’ve gotten is to put a query parameter (@sudsy :wink: ) in the url of your html email’s button. It’s similar behavior to what most transactional emails sent by big companies do. Look at the url of different providers and you’ll see what I mean. I then use the token send the user to a placeholder page with a spinner

for example, I would have a button that goes to the url Each token would to different things in the page load workflows. I use regex to extract different parts of the token giving me access to which user it is and which workflow should be triggered. Hope that makes sense.

@duke.severn, I think what @jamesbond wants is not to visit a page in your app.
He wants to click on a button in the email to send an api request without following the link or leaving the email message.

Ah I see. So you’d have to expose your app’s api and send a request to it directly from the email client? Have you done this, I’d be interested in learning.

I haven’t tried it.
I know Gmail supports it, see link in my first post above.