Mail functionality

Hey guys I was wondering to add a functionality to my app which will allow users to have acces to their professional mail (the same of the hosted domain of the app). I wanted to build so a Web mail client with bubble… No issues to get out the mails (in a rude way using the functionality included in the work flow) but how to receive emails… Is there any possibility to set up this functionality?

Let me know if that could be possible

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Hi @emmanuel , is that a possible function?


Without integrating an existing email service (e.g. Gmail or outlook) into your app, I can’t see how this would be possible. If you want to receive emails on a custom domain on your own platform you would need to setup a server, not just a web app.

Hope someone else can better help you with this,

yes I know that , I already have a server with imap and smtp settings just need to know how I can get received emails into a webmail client made in bubble


I am also looking for option to receive email in the bubble web app.
@lam, have you been able to figure out how to do this??


I want to build a webmail client with bubble using arvig webmail. Will it be safe? What should I do to do that?