Receiving and sending emails

Hello, has anyone tried to receive emails in bubble app?

I have a user who send emails to different people. I also want to receive replies emails from those people and display in my bubble app? I tried Gmail API but my users can have different email providers (not only gmail), so Gmail API is not an option for me.
I know how to send emails but receiving them is a little bit problem for me.

Could you please recommend what APIs or plugins to use to do that and share your experience in this case?

If you want your users to use their own email accounts you’re on to a tough one… but not impossible.

  1. You have to build integrations for each and every email provider you want to have avilable. Havent implemented this but ideally you can have a Gmail and Microsoft login where users create accounts using those logins. That way, when a user uses the Microsoft integration, you already have the API configured for that user to send emails through their providers.

  2. If your users have a custom email account you have to build an dynamic SMTP relay (i believe thats its name) basically its a way to input the usual POP3 and SMTP username and passwords, port numbers and other settings to allow your users to configure their own email into your system and have the API send them out.

  3. If you want your users to send emails from your domain you can use something like Sendgrid or Postmark which you can integrate through API as well, this I have implemented and its kind of a pain at the beggining but its easy once you get the hang of it…

Each email provider like gmail and microsoft should have some information on their documentation on how you can handle inbound email.

For sendgrid you can make an inbound domain that will forward all of the emails sent to that through the API into bubble, also kind of a pain to set up… but its doable

with SMTP i have no idea how you could handle inbound cause I havent even dealt with it but I assume that its a similar thing… you will have to dig a bit to get this going. Get started and post here any further questions you get along the way…

Use Gmail API , if you want to receive e-mails from different users in one mailbox make it in Gmail, and use its api

Users of my app have different emails providers (they may not even have gmail). And Gmail API is very expensive. So Gmail API is not an option for me

So just list down all the provides and connect api:)

Can you tell me more about the third option? Is this possible to receive emails in Postmark? And how?

Maybe you have some useful links or tips that helped you to do that

When you send an email you can set up a Reply Email address, when someone replies to that email or sends a new email to that reply address, postmark will get all the data into a json and ship it to your API endpoint, then bubble takes that data and puts it into the database

I have this set up with sendgrid but its pretty much the same thing. I believe postmark is better than sendgrid as some users have claimed here

Here is the postmark refference if you want to check it out

I can show you how I implemented it maybe, cause it was a pain for me to set it up but ended up working perfectly with attachments and such. It shouldnt be much different to do it in postmark. shoot me a DM when you start working on this and ill help you out

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Ok, thank you a lot

Yeah, what you’re looking for is inbound parsing on Postmark

Have you implemented this using postmark?

Yep, it’s quite simple they make it easy to work with

Can you provide some tutorials that you used. Or some examples of apps?

And also question: I want user to see emails not only in bubble app but also in his actual email app (like to see emails in bubble app and at the same time to see them in gmail app). Is this possible?

Nylas will provide for all providers in and out bound

Also checkout my email plug-in :grinning: