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MailChimp - OAuth Redirect Issue (Solved)

Hello Bubblers,

I wondering if anyone can help here. I created the following OAuth Test App for Mailchimp.

Basically the issue:

  • User signs up.
  • Connects to MailChimp
  • OAuth seems to reload page back to the 1st User

I created a step by step test when previewing app:

On my main account on Version Test this worked fine and Live it redirected to wrong user.

I then created this app to report a bug, but it appears now happening on Test Version too.

If anyone can help and rule out any issue with the set up, it would be appreciated. And PS if this helps users understand MailChimp OAuth, your welcome to examine the workflows and API Plugin settings.

My redirect settings in MailChimp:

Just a quick update, while typing I think the issue, may have been the redirect URI. There is no apparent way of refreshing the OAuth attempt.

I.e In this app my redirect URI is

so there for not working on test - but if I test hmmm - should work on Live

Just to confirm that was the issue.

To resolve re-add new App in MailChimp with new Client ID, and re-add call in Bubble. Make sure you add for Live version. But note test-version will have this re-direct issue.

FYI @emmanuel