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Mailgun & API Parameters

I’m working with Mailgun as it serves my needs better than Sendgrid.

I’m having trouble with some parameters though. I’m able to pass all parameters except ones that looks like this:


Mailgun doesn’t receive the parameters at all. Wonder if that is an issue in how Bubble is set up, or if I’m just simply setting it up wrong:

If the parameters go into the URL, as it looks in the screenshot, the colon “:” would cause an issue, try replacing it with the url-encoded form, i.e. instead of “o:tag” use “o%3Atag”.

Note I haven’t tested this myself, just an educated guess.

Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately, this didn’t work.

Just in case someone would come across similar problem:

I got a solution by changing the Content-Type to application/x-www-form-urlencoded

Then put the parameters into the body:



I’m also looking to use mailgun.
or some alternative to sendgrid

Can you talk about why you chose mailgun?

Also, if i chose mailgun, do i still need to have a email service hosting?