Receiving Email Forward from Mailgun loses parameters?

Hi All,

So I setup a Workflow API to receive emails from Mailgun. Everything seems to work except the attachments parameter. Mailgun is sending it but Bubble seems to parse it out. Even when I look at the raw data in “Detect Data”, the attacments parameter is missing.

Do I need to do something special? I am lost. I have tried many things.

Here is the JSON parameter Mailgun sends:
“attachments”: [
“id”: “attachment-1”,
“name”: “test_photo.jpeg”,
“size”: 116165,
“type”: “image/jpeg”,
“lastModified”: 1681758111194,
“bucket”: “attachments”,
“key”: “mailgun_receive/[REDACTED]/attachment-1”

Is Dev environment too slow to pick up the whole response or something? Does it drop dangerous looking parameters?

I am lost and trying to avoid involving a more senior person. The email comes through fine. It’s just the attachment data that is missing.


Is this a nested JSON issue? Can Bubble not stringify?