Main app + sub-apps

Hello! Does anyone have experience using the Main app + sub-apps feature on the Production plan?

I’ve searched the forum, but there’s really limited discussion on the topic, and most of it stems back 5 years. With that, one key question for anyone who has experience:

  • What is the best way to handle customizations within sub-apps? I understand a lot of customizations (logos, titles, text, etc) should be stored in and displayed from the database. But what about custom pages or groups?

Thanks for any input. If anyone is a true pro and willing to chat on a zoom call, I’m happy to pay for your time!



Why are there hardly any posts about the sub app feature that apparently exists on the production plan? Bubble doesn’t even mention it on the pricing page and I had to hear about it on the forum by one of the users by chance yesterday.

It seems to be a viable alternative to SaaS apps yet its like a phantom feature that nobody knows anything about.

For most, it’s way out of reach feasibly and/or financially.

Also, at the point of the Production Plan, many opt for a dedicated server anyways which opens the door to a whole new level of Bubble support—making the forum unnecessary to get questions answered.

I too wish there were more answers when I started down this path. Perhaps I’ll share my findings with the community as we continue down the path so others can follow suit.

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Please do. I am also curious to know why you chose to pursue the sub app route instead of the Saas route.

Oh! I could be mistaken, but I still consider it a SaaS even with the separate sub-apps (instances).

We needed to go the sub-app route because each client needs their own database and domain. Simple as that really.