Maintain scroll position for Single Page Application

I have a repeating group and a details view on the same page, similar to a list of recipes and the details of a selected recipe. By default, the details view is hidden and only becomes visible when an item from the repeating group is clicked. However, due to both views sharing the same page, scrolling becomes tricky when transitioning between the two. The scroll position isn’t consistent when moving back and forth between the list and the details. I’m looking for suggestions on how to improve this scrolling behavior. Could anyone help?

I currently store the scrolling position before changing view and use javascript to scroll back when the view is changed back to the repeating group, but that creates a weird jump when you transition back.

Hi @tkxdl24,

There are 2 actions for scrolling, can you use these to prevent weird and do it in a controlled way?


Otherwise, maybe a spinner or temp floating group that hides that weird jump?

Hope this helps,

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Thanks for the suggestion!