Mobile Scroll Positioning in Repeating Group

Hi, I Need Assistance to Prevent Unwanted Scrolling.
Can someone help me with the following issue? The best way to explain it is to watch the video but I don’t know how to properly upload it to this post.


I select dates, and it opens the first repeating group of dates. Then, when I select each date, it opens another repeating group with the trades made.
The problem is that in the mobile version, the scroll workflow initially positions itself right at the group of dates (purple box). But then, it moves, and I have to use another scroll workflow at the end to reposition it back to the group of dates (purple box).

If I remove the scrolls, everything moves, like when closing the dates. It moves and doesn’t focus properly. How can I solve this so that no scrolling occurs? All elements have “Collapse when hidden” and “Without animate” properties.

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