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Anyone else having app problems in Safari browser?

My app works just fine on Android phones and in all the browsers I can test (chrome, opera, firefox). It has sporadic display problems on iPhone and Safari.

I’ve seen a trend thru the forum of Safari doing unexpected things to Bubble apps.

Has anyone noticed anything predictable? Like, “do this” or “don’t do this” to avoid cross browser weirdness?
Any chance we’ll be able to run the debugger on mobile devices?

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I notice issues with Groups in Safari (conditional statements not working, buttons not working, etc.). Usually if I recreate any encapsulating groups, it seems to solve the issues.

Oddly, most of my issues are in Android (things work fine on iOS and desktop) where the browser displays this after every pageload or workflow run:

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Hey @blueback09

What iOS version / safari are you using? Can you try to reproduce or document the issues in more detail? Eventually maybe some screen recording? (search for iOS screen recording) or just use Safari in and record your computer screen.

In case you are using a hybrid packaged app please tell us how you built it.
If you used Gonative`s app generator be aware that it is using the WKWebview whom is beneficial in many ways but also has many bugs. See:

I’m not using iPhones or Safari. The problems are being reported by friends and testers.

We’re just using the normal web app, built on one page in the “native” fashion.

Try duplicating the page and removing the “native app” checkbox.
Make sure elements are not overlapping, and are set to be collapsed when hidden.

Report back :slight_smile:

Just an update on the “Javascript Confirm” alert I’ve been receiving. I managed to fix it (knock on wood) by encapsulating all javascript in a document ready() callback:

$( document ).ready(function() {
// All my javascript

Update: I spoke to soon. This only stopped the error on page load. After the page is loaded, and the same javascript is triggered via a workflow action, the error alert reappears…sigh. Making progress though :thumbsup:

Are you able to reproduce this issue on a very small public app? Is it with the Android stock browser, or Chrome on Android?

My problem is that my app works in Safari on some devices and not on the others. That’s wired and drives me crazy. I spent a lot of time trying to find the problem but without too much luck. I turned to other testers and they reported that it worked both on all iPhones and all iPad models if iOS was 9.0.1 or above except iOS 11 versions. And I discover that many other apps would not work with device running iOS 11. What’s wrong with iOS 11? Do you have any ideas?

Mine seems to work fine on all my devices running ios11. What are you experiencing?

All I can see is loading in blank interface

Hi! Were you able to solve the issue? I have the same one and I can’t find the reason.