Make a change to an option when button is clicked

I currently have an option set that holds the pricing for my items. I would like to add a page to my admin section where an admin can enter, update the input element with a new price, and then click update to have the price updated in the option set. I’m not sure if it’s the right approach to getting this done but I would love some assistance. I have added screenshots.

I currently have a page with an editable input element that has a placeholder showing the current price (the attribute connected to the option set). This allows the user to see the current price and they can change the current price by writing in a different price. I then have an update button on the side which I want the user to be able to click to update the price (attribute) in the option set.

Screenshot 2024-01-13 at 10.50.19 PM

Hi there, @danieleyny… if I understand your post correctly, the short answer is users can’t update option sets. So, if you need users to be able to make a change like the one you described, you will have to use a custom data type instead of an option set.