Make a wide single column repeating group scoll

Hi, I am fairly new to Bubble and so this may be (hopefully) something simple that I don’t know about…

I’m building a repeating group that has multiple rows and a single column with 25 data cells (this could also be 25 columns I guess?). I need the group to be able to scroll horizontally to the user can see all 25 cells. The challenge I am having is that this doesn’t seem to be a responsive thing i.e. the 25 cells will NEVER fit on any screen, and so I need to have a kind of “window” on the screen, which contains a much wider repeating group. Is there a way to do this?

Thank you!

Hi Debbie,

If you uncheck “fixed number of rows” and set a custom min height, the group will scroll in whichever direction you choose (also a checkbox!)

Hi, thank you! The problem wasn’t rows, it was the width of a single column, which needed to hold a number of data cells up to 2000px but be contained in a space on my screen that’s only 600px.
But I solved it! I made the 1-column RG wide enough for me to enter all the fields side-by-side (2000px or so), and then changed it to RG 600px. The fields are still all there and I have a neat horizontal scroll.

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Glad you found a fix!

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