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Make API server address dynamic

What im doing is making a plugin so people with synology diskstations can upload/download/query their server in bubble. The issue is that everyone will have the server on their own domain. How can i make the domain in the api section dynamic? As in the user would supply the address in the plugin settings. Thanks in advance!

Well you can create parameters for the API call. Kind of hard to tell what you are saying. Can you add pictures?

The diskstations are super cool versions of a NAS. they have a fairly good API. I want to create a plugin so that people with those diskstations can add elements to upload files, create users, list and download files, live status and resources, and so on. the issue is that each persons diskstation will be at their own domain. since its the diskstation itself that has the API available and the data im trying to find a way to make the highlighted field in the image dynamic. if i param bracket it then its string would be &

any ideas?

Hi Jarrad,

Should be pretty easy using the params (not tested but I think it should work). Please see the image below (make sure to uncheck the private checkbox so you can set it in workflows etc).

You can then pass the URL in as a parameter (this can be from a text field or from a DB etc anywhere you can grab the URL string from).