Make Change to List of "Checked" users

I have a list (repeating group) of users/businesses. I’m trying to:

  1. Select some of the users
  2. Select a choice from the drop-down list above the list.
  3. Click Assign and have the value selected in the dropdown modify a User DB field to the value of the selected dropdown for all the selected users.

I’m having a hard time figuring this out. Can someone help me?

I would apply a custom state on user level then hit the selection dropdown to call the custom state against the selected user(s). Assign on-click workflow would then save the results to DB as required.

Hi morewebs,

I appreciate you helping me out. I’m still a little confused. Can you team me how I would do that?

Use set state

put group in top of selection and make no color so if group pressed make selected select

Use group like button to store user in state first than when need to assign you will make change to list user that contain in state

It’s like put pack of card on box, you need to collect in your hand all of card before put in box

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