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RG make changes to selected list

So, i have a list of users in a repeating group. I’m attempting to update the users (where a checkbox has been checked) with a value from a different thing call companies. Ive created a custom state on the page and when the checkbox is checked it adds the current users email to the custom state list (i have a text filed showing its been added)

I’ve got the companies thing in a dropdown …so supposedly when i click a button the selected value in the dropdown is applied to all this items in the repeating group “supposedly” ive read and re-read other posts and also investigated other example of similar but im stumped.

if anyone has a moment to take a peak and advise

Perhaps it’s because you’re still experimenting and changing things, but it seems to me that you adding values (users) to a custom state on the page and then trying to read those values from a custom state on the repeating group, which doesn’t have the values? Or am I missing something?

Thanks very possibly…Having read various posts…i understood that to make changes to a list of things in a repeating group…from outside that group… i needed to create a custom state and add something which could then be used to identify which items in the RP group had been changed. very possibly going about this completely wrong.

Do you mind if I make a few changes to your test app?

I would love that… thank you

Try now. Note that to temporarily disable your first workflow on the page, I put a condition (when current user is logged in). You should probably delete this workflow altogether.

Hopefully you can easily see the rest of what I did to make it work. If not, let me know and I’ll explain.

EDIT: My first paragraph above means that to see this working, whilst that first workflow is still in place, you need to NOT be logged in to the app. I didn’t want to delete your workflow, so I added a logged in condition.

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@louisadekoya thanks very very much…for the prompt support and guidance and more importantly the reveal.

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@Bubbleboy, you’re welcome.

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