Make Changes to a List of Things using an element from a Repeating Group

Hello Bubblers,

Background: I have a Repeating Group (RG) in a Reusable Element (RE) and it displays a list of top rated submissions with their earned prizes based on their position in the RG. With conditionals, I used the cell’s index to calculate and display the prize to be won by each submission’s creator in the RG.

Problem: I have a datafield for Users called “Earnings” and I want to set-up a workflow to Make Changes to the List of Submission’s Creator (Users) to update the Earnings datafield with the prize that user won as displayed in the RG. In other words, I want to use the prize amount stored in the text element that displays the prize in the RG as my value to make a change to the Earnings datafield. But the workflow does not allow me to select elements encapsulated in the RG.

Considering the powerful nature of Bubble, I thought this would be possible. Any help with this?

List Shifter can do exactly that.

  1. Set a trigger to start an iteration
  2. with each iteration you can make a change to the user’s earnings based on the index

Okay. let me check it out.