Copy Repeating Group Index Number to number field in a list of things

Is it possible to have a workflow or plugin with a triggered action to “Make Changes to a List of Things” by copying the Repeating Group’s Index Numbers to a order number field in this list of things?

For more clarity, let’s say we have a list of things (colors):

index# // color // order#
1 // green // 1
2 // orange // 2
3 // yellow // 3
4 // brown // 4

If I delete “orange”, I am left with this…

index# // color // order#
1 // green // 1
2 // yellow // 3
3 // brown // 4

I would like to update/change the order# for yellow and brown to match their index number.
Do this make sense?

Check out the Transform list in bdk utilities:

I don’t want to transform a list into some other list. I just want to update a single field in a list of things.

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Are you looking to modify it in database? In that case have a look at the list processor element

If you’re looking to just display it somewhere you can generate the new value for that field using transform list. Then fetch the relevant number in a cell using current cell index of that transform list’s output.

Yes, modify it in the database. Based on its index number in the repeating group. I have paid for this plugin, but can’t figure out how to make it do what I want. There is no option to capture the index number and copy that to a field in the list of things.

Please advise.

So you can achieve this very easily using a combination of transform list and list processor element:

  1. Generate an output list of the index numbers for your repeating group items:
    Place a transform list in the page and set it up like below (replace the search for users in the image with your repeating groups list of things):

  2. Place a list processor element in the page with input type as number. You can now loop through the index numbers generated in Step 1. In each loop, you can just 'Make changes to ’ your Repeating group’s list item # ‘this list processor’s current value’ to update the field. Setup shown below (replace the search for users in the image with your repeating groups list of things)


Does your plugin use resources when installed, even if it is not being used in an element or workflow? Asking because I’ve noticed a slowdown in performance since installing.

Nope. Doesn’t use any libraries either.
Usually a slowdown would be if you’re fetching large amounts of data from bubble database irrespective of whether it’s for a repeating group, workflow or a plugin

Got it. Thanks. I’m sure it’s a data retrieval/search issue

Does this mean it doesn’t work for Backend Workflow if it needs to be on a page?