Schedule API on List workflow issues

Hey everyone,

I’m having trouble setting up a Schedule API on List workflow and could really use some help. Below are the details.

What I’m trying to achieve:

I have a popup displaying the entries from a repeating group with blank inputs inside the repeating group as per the image below.

The User should be able to add values to each of those inputs either adding to the value or reducing the value on the right. (This works).

When the “Update All” button is clicked, I want to update each of the repeating group objects with the values from the inputs that the user provided.

I’ve started to create the Schedule API on list with x3 parameters (1 to pull the RG item, x1 for add input, x1 for remove input) however, I can’t set the parameter values to the input’s as the inputs are not visible on the available list.

API Parameters

List of available inputs

As you can see from the image above, there are only x3 inputs shown on this list, none of which are from the inputs contained in the popup/RG.

I’m against the wall as I can’t figure this out. Any help to highlight what I’m doing wrong (it’s probably something silly #noob, I hope) would be hugely appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

You should check out the list shifter plugin which has functionality that can do this. Search ‘list shifter’ and you’ll find the showcase thread. On that thread (quite long) there are videos by the developer on how to use some of its functions. Of interest to you could be the process list function.

Basically there would be no way of realistically getting your specific feature set built out reliably with built in Bubble.

Another option would be to utilize the Orchestra plugin. This plugin will let you set workflow events for specific cells in a repeating group. Search the forum for ‘orchestra’ and you should find the showcase thread.

The reason your set up is not possible is because Bubble doesn’t make communicating with elements inside of a repeating group easy, or possible for the most part. The only way to communicate with workflows is when you are triggering it from within the specific cell, which is why you could do something with sending the value of the input in the cell to a custom state that will hold a list of the values. The problem though with doing that will be you won’t know exactly the order in which your users will be setting those values, so the list will not necessarily be in the same order.

Of course, you could create a set up and UX where the user is prompted and only allowed to set the values in a specific order through hiding and showing the cells based on them inputting those values, but then if you want to allow them to make changes it would ruin the setup.

API workflow: update the check the checkboxes “is list” and send in the three lists, list of sinking funds, list of adds, list of removes

Do your update as a first step, use sinkingfund:first item adds:first item and removes:first item to update the first item on the list

Then as the last step, call the workflow with itself, passing the three lists back in the top :minus list your list:first item

Do this only when list:count >1

If you are likely to be doing more than a dozen updates in one go, I recommend scheduling with a couple of second gap

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Hey, Thanks for the suggestion with List Shifter.

I’ve installed the plugin and reviewed the massive thread and 45min video and I’m still super confused on how to actually make this work.

My first stumbling block is how to pull the data from the input fields in the repeating groups into a list that List Shifter A can read…

Do you happen to know if a List Shifter for Dummies I could read?

I believe you’d be wanting to create a list from the inputs as they are entered…list shifter has functions to create other lists as well…it can actually hold up to four different lists at the same time…it has original list, shifted list, custom list and processed list.

I would say you would want to focus on how the process list could achieve your goals.