Make Changes to a List - Scheduling API on List with Input and Dropdown Elements

I need some assistance in updating a list in a repeating group using the input and dropdown from each cell. I’ve tried searching the Bubble forms, and can’t seem to find anyone coming up with a solution. Has anyone been able to set something up like this?

In my Bubble app, I have a data type of “contact” that stores a bunch of contact-related information. Attached to the contact is a list of phone numbers where the phone number is displayed in an input element and the type is a dropdown.

I know you can use the auto binding function to have the row update automatically. But I only want the fields to be updated when a user clicks on save. I tried updating the fields by scheduling an API workflow on a list but have had no luck. What I can’t figure out, is how to tell Bubble to update each individual cell using the input and dropdown elements. I’ve stumbled upon a few forms and Youtube videos, but none have shown how to update using each cell’s input elements. Below is what I currently have setup.

The Phone and Type are in a repeating group.

When the user clicks on save, I have an API scheduled to run on the list of phone numbers.

This is the backend workflow setup: