Make changes to a thing... doesn't work

Hey there,
I’m having the hardest time trying to solve a very annoying error, because the problem is simple but I can’t figure how to solve it.
My app is a marketplace. On the page “profile” (which content is User), when I want to edit a product that I’ve put for sale, I’m clicking on a button (“Edit item”) that redirects me to another page (“edit _item”).

In my database, I created a type “item” that allows me to define the items on the marketplace (the fields are “itemBrand”, “itemCategory”, etc.).
The page “edit_item” is type “item”, in order to display the data of the item I want to modify : in this way, when I click on “Edit item”, my workflow says : go to page “edit_item”, and I send the data “Parent’s group item”. :


In the page “edit_item”, I have a button “Save the modification”, and when I click on it, the workflow does : “Make changes to thing” and it changes the fields of the concerned item :

But in the end, in my database, no modifications are made… It is really non-sense.

Maybe it’s because my page “edit_item” isn’t type “User”, and in a way, Bubble doesn’t validate modifications that haven’t been made by an identified User…

Maybe someone will be able to help me on this ! I can share my editor if needed

Thanks y’all

Hope I can help you out with this, I know this sort of thing can be frustrating. :blush:

Does the correct data display on your page when you are editing?

Thanks !
Yes, in deed, because in the inputs of the editing page, I set the default values and initial contents at the item’s data:

The weird thing is that when I change the content of the inputs and I make changes to the item in the workflow, nothing changes…

Do you know how to use the ‘step by step’ to see at what point it breaks? That would be the best way to see what is going on. :blush:

Hi, have you solved the problem?

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