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Hello friends, I am facing an issue with a simple action.
I need to change a User entry in a step that comes after user registration.
In the App I have a home page that only collects the user’s email
In the user database I have:

  • username
  • Restaurant
  • email

And the restaurant’s database has several location parameters.

My intention is that after the user leaves the email, he goes to the restaurant registration page, after entering all the address data, etc. The name of the restaurant entered on this page, be placed in the user’s database as well.
That is, on this page, a field will feed two databases at the same time, one will be the restaurant’s DB and the other will only change a field that was previously blank

Hi there, @ricardogt… if I understand your post correctly, I believe you need to change step 3 of the workflow to make changes to the Current User, not Current User's Restaurante. Then, delete the field you are changing now, and set to the field to change as Restaurante = Result of step 2.

Hope this helps.


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thanks man works here :grinning:

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