Make changes to a thing

I want to send the dynamic fields email and password to an API workpoint to reset user credentials.

I have a Thing with just the user email and their password. Then I have another Thing with other data like gender, date of birth etc.

When they update the email (via account >> update credentials) I want to make changes to another Thing (specifically the email). That means the new email address will be updated in my other list of information about the user when they reset their email.


Basically, in the workflow I can’t make it work. I have tried searching for another thing, but i can’t insert a flow that Bubble actually allows me in the end.

I would like some guidance on how to do this, as it is not very clear how to make a change to a users info in another Thing. Couldn’t figure this out based on my udemy course either…

Thanks in advance for your time.


schedule time (current datetime+5) in the Endpoint.

if still it not worked then send the user_info details to another endpoint. Currently workflow instance are running parallely, so this may skipped.