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"Make changes to a thing" on a new data type

I’ve set up a new data type called ‘Actions_for_sc’.
I would like to edit the fields in that data type.

With the built-in ‘User’ data type, this is as simple as using the “make changes to a thing” workflow option. But how do I use this to make changes to the fields in ‘Actions_for_sc’?

What obvious thing am I missing?

Hiya - make sure:

  • You have a way of identifying “which” Actions_for_sc you want to alter, usually you can do this by using a group with the Data type of “Actions_for_sc”

  • You have editable fields in Actions_for_sc, you cant make changes to something if there’s nothing to change

If you’re looking to pick out a certain “Actions_for_sc” from a workflow, use the “Do a search for” functionality, have it search for Actions_for_sc - then you can add more conditions to that search, eg; searching for Actions_for_sc only where their id = 2.

Thank you for your help. I have managed to get it work with this setup:

However, I’m getting told there is a constraint_type issue to fix. So, can I assume that although this might be working, it’s not ideal?

You’ve got a search constraint (title) with no value set. (the red box)

So either remove the constraint, or give it a value (depending on what you’re trying to do) and you’ll be good to go.

Again, thank you. Now…stupid question coming up…but how to I get it to add a new row if there’s a different user logged in. I logged in as “test5” and it’s still editing user “[email protected]”'s row:

I don’t have much info to go on here…

But you need to specify which item you want to make changes to (presumably by doing a database search - although you might be able to refer to it some other way, depending on how your data structure, and/or page data is set out).

OK thanks for helping! I’ll ask directly in Bubble support.