Help please with make changes to a thing

Hi, I am trying to “make changes to a thing” only when two fields match some criteria which are both selected from options sets by a user, then I want to change another field in the same date type to an another option set choice. There is over 25 possibilities in the combo so I created multiple " make changes to a thing .It is not working for me, would anyone give some advise on this please? screen shot below.

The statement is to change a field but only when and the condition of the matching fields is in the only when section of the action.

Currently the issue is the first 2 fields are writing their change to the database but this third field that i want to change does not change or write to the data base.

Can you show us the “Only when” for each of those actions?

You’re scenario makes me think of a workflow we have and it came down to the actions needing to be in a specific order so I’m wondering if it’s the same for your workflow.

Hi, yes please, thank you for the reply, here is one of those examples, when i look into the server logs it just shows the condition failed for these. The “thing to change” which is the field called “risk rating” does not change if two fields are matched as defined in the conditions. Also the " risk rating" and the “probability” and “impact” are all options sets.

The only when for the rest is the same, just different choices.

Thank you for your guidance, very grateful

^^Can you give some clarity on this? It’s not 2 fields, it’s the first two actions (Step 7 and Step 8) are updating correctly and the rest are not, right?

And Steps 7 - 11 are all updating the same field, ‘Risk Rating’, based on conditions and only ONE of those Steps should run per workflow run. Is that what you’re trying to do?

Yes , of course, all steps before step 7 work. This is basically a workflow that is making changes to a task. So in action 1 it updates description and even the " probability" & “impact” option and the information writes to the database.

When Step 7 starts all of those are updating the “risk rating” based on what was chosen in step one and written to the database.

In the “only when” I referenced the option sets and used the “or” option to list out many as there will be many combos with the same “risk rating”. , but yes only one of those should run per workflow run, None of these are working. :frowning:

Ok got it.
Can you show us the “Only when” for each of the actions that are failing? I want to compare them.

This is now resolved, I redesigned it.