'Make changes to current user' via API workflow won't update current user's fields


I’m trying to use Bubble’s Zapier integration to update a user based on info in a google sheet.

I have set-up a workflow on my index page. When the page loads and the current user is logged in, the workflow “triggers a zapier zap”


This Zap then takes the user’s name from the Bubble action and looks-up the user’s name in a Google Sheet, returning the user’s “decibels” (aka total points) and “rank”.

The Zap then uses a webhook to POST the user’s “decibels” and “rank” to an endpoint I have created in the API Workflows page on Bubble.

This endpoint is supposed to read the “decibels” and “rank” from the post and update the user’s corresponding fields.

While the endpoint definitely reads the data from the post (as I have set the parameter definition to ‘Detect Request Data’ and am able to view and modify the data type

), it DOES NOT UPDATE THE CURRENT USER. Modify via API and Create via API are both activated for all users.

I’ve tried every fix I could imagine and have still made no progress. PLEASE HELP!

The Bubble API has no idea who the User who triggered the Zap was … unless you tell it.

So you will need to pass in the Unique Id of your Current User to Zapier, and then get it to pass it back, and update the User you find via a search (not current user).

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As what NigelG said - I feel for you - I had the exact same issue last week - and took me far too many cups of tea to realise that the API didn’t know who ‘current user’ was - I had to do a Search for Users x=x constraint to tell it which User to perform the workflow for.