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Make changes to current user via API workflow

I am exposing a POST/WORKFLOW API to Zapier.

  1. The user inputs their ID number and clicks a button
  2. I trigger a Zapier action to search for the ID number in a Google Sheet
  3. Zapier finds the row
  4. Zapier to POST the row, containing user information to the API
  5. The API receives the info and updates the current user

Some constraints:

  1. I don’t want to create an account for the user as the user might just be playing with ID numbers

The API workflow is not updating the current user. I can’t really see what it does.

Tests so far:

  1. I’ve tested the endpoint using Postman and I get a success response
  2. I’ve successfully sent myself emails in the same workflow
  3. I’ve successfully created a database item in the same workflow

It just doesn’t want to update the current user…

Any ideas?

I think you would need to send the unique ID of the Current User to Zapier, and then on the API call to Bubble you would need to send mack that id, and create a thing with the Unique ID as a field (not creator, it will be different if set at all).