Make changes to current user

Maybe pretty basic but still causing me quite a bit of frustration… I have a straight forward input field and when it is submitted I would like to change a data field that is related to the user (in this case their company). I would think for the work flow it would be pretty simple: Make Changes to the current user. Company = Input Company Name’s Value. This is how it works for storing information all across my app.

What I dont understand is why in this case does the logic ask for more information (is, is not, contains, doesnt contain, is empty, :capitalized, etc…) I dont want a complex logic string, I just want to make a change to the current user.

make changes to current user

I cant click away and turn the script from yellow to blue… it stays red and requires a more complex logic.

Hi :wave:t2:

You can check that the data type of the field Company (in your “table” Users) is the same that the input data type (normally both will be type: text unless you have a field related to another “table” thing called Company so you may use a searchbox or dropdown instead the input element)

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