Make changes to...scheduled API Workflow

Hi! I just realized that the API Workflow’s scheduled date needs to be edited if something changes for my web-app.

For example, a teacher schedules 10 weekly lessons and when they do, it creates a scheduled API workflow. But if a lesson needs to be changed, the last lesson date (which is the scheduled date of the API workflow), it would have to be changed if the original last lesson date is no longer the last one. Is there any way to edit the scheduled API workflow’s “scheduled date” with a workflow?

There’s no way to edit the scheduled workflow
But you can cancel a scheduled workflow and create a new one. Even if you have multiple such scheduled workflows set up, you can select and cancel specific ones.

I’d recommend doing that instead. Cancel the old scheduled workflow, look at the updated timings and create a new one.

Ranjit | Blur Apps

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Ah, ok! Thank you for the answer and the solution :slight_smile: Will work with that!

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