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Extend the scheduled date of a Scheduled API workflow

Hi, a user scheduled a workflow using “Schedule an API Workflow”.

The Scheduled date is February 1st.

However, the user now wants to extend the scheduled date 1 more month (March 1st).

I want the user to be able to do that by clicking button “X”.

How can I build that workflow so that the scheduled date is extended when the user clicks button X?

Is it not possible to change the scheduled date of a “Schedule an API workflow”?

If this is true, what should I use instead of “Schedule an API worfklow” in order to schedule a desired action to trigger on a certain date, with the possibility to modify this date in the future?

As far as I know, you cant change the date of a scheduled workflow, but you can simply cancel it and schedule a new one.

To do that you’ll need to store the workflow ID of the scheduled workflow somewhere (i.e. on a field of a related datatype, or perhaps in a new datatype specifically for the purpose).

Then, when your user wants to change the scheduled date you can run a workflow to cancel the original workflow (using the workflow ID), schedule a new one, and again save the new workflow ID for future adjustments.

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Thanks for your reply!

Where do I find this workflow ID in order to store it?

You get it when you schedule the workflow… (as the result of the step that scheduled the workflow)…

So if step one of your workflow is ‘schedule API workflow’, step 2 can be make changes to a thing>>Workflow Id = Result of Step 1


Thanks! It worked!

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