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Make elements tree extendable


I can’t see my elements

I’ve never seen so many levels of embedded groups. Do you have any performance issues?

Yes, haha

Not sure but I think it may have been you that mentioned in a different post that Bubble isn’t the best for data processing? I currently have everything stored in Bubble

I use the accordion thing though so that not everything loads at once though which helps a lot

Re Bubble for data processing, it’s just that:

  1. Doing things that are very easy with SQL queries just isn’t possible in Bubble
  2. You have limited compute resources and backend workflows just exit at times for reasons you can’t measure or view
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Is there a particular database that you recommend?

I haven’t done it but I know that @jared.gibb has good results connecting Bubble up to Firebase (google database on demand).

For use cases like

  • you need regional data storage
  • you have more data processing demands that you can’t achieve bodging together custom fields, repeating groups, and basic group by etc
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