Repeating group vs table [performance]?

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I was wondering what is the best when we talk about performance.

I see a lot of “table plugins” around and all i think is that they bring praticity to the process of creation/coding. But in terms of speed and performance there is any difference?


The easy answer is it depends.

I’ve used one of the paid plugins and love it for data sets under a couple hundred items. Once the data loads from the Bubble database it works fast and looks good.

That said I don’t think any of the Table plugins are practical for thousands of Bubble data items (data from an API can be a different story). From what I’ve seen they all need to fully load the Bubble data first and then load the values into a table, which can take a while for thousands of items and isn’t very performant. Although once loaded the plugins can be very quick to search through and sort the loaded data depending on which one


Yes. I second this. Plugins don’t lazy load data, they need to load it all before doing anything else. Like when a repeating group is the extended full list.

Thanks @gf_wolfer and @jared.gibb !


I feel like some craftiness could make them load faster. Like using an offset number that only loads items x - z with a “load more data” button but that’s not handy for searching through a whole table of data.

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I tried playing around with this, but the issue was Sorting and Search functions built into the plugins become useless as they can only use the data already loaded and not the full dataset. Would love a more integrated table functionality for large data sets, but I think Vertical Scroll and Ext Vertical Scroll repeating groups are the only reasonable options

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