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Make last on mobile with new Responsive


Is there anyway to do a condition such as:

  • make first on desktop
  • make last on mobile

I don’t see it in the conditionals tab.

Thanks a lot!

Hi there, @ryanck… I’m not necessarily sure what “make first” and “make last” mean, but the only thing that comes to mind is to have a conditional that checks the page width and changes from make first to make last when the width is less than a certain number of pixels. Have you tried something like that already?


Hey @mikeloc

Here is the screenshot of what I mean but there is no option for that in the conditionals:

Oh, that. No, you can’t control that with conditionals. I’m sure you could come up with a workaround, but again, the short answer is no.

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Hope they make it available.

Thanks a lot for your reply man!

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If you describe what you are trying to do, someone might have an idea for a workaround. I’m guessing it would involve two different layouts (maybe two groups of elements) with those layouts being hidden/shown at certain page widths. But as you know, there are some super creative folks out here, so again, it might not hurt to provide some details about what you want to do.

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