Make group as long as the screen

Hi there, How can I make this navigation page fit the page height exactly? Can someone give me some directions? Thanks very much.

Check the layout height settings of the parent group…

It just shows me this, what should I set it as?

In your first screenshot it shows the parent container as a column (not a Row)?.. So there must be another group which the group in your first screenshot is in (assuming that’s the group you’re talking about)

yes so the navigation bar is a column and the main page is a row.

And also I try to make a max height this nav bar to 6000 however the page just extends to 6000.

yes so the navigation bar is a column and the main page is a row.

So what was the first screenshot all about? (Group A)… it clearly shows the parent container is a Column (unless you’ve changed it?..) or does Group A have nothing to do with any of this?..

Oh that is the navigation group, so group a is the group I am having problem with making it extent to the end of the page.

So the parent group is not a row (it’s column)? or did you change it after posting the screenshot?

In any case, check the parent group’s layout settings…

it is suppose to be a column because I will have buttons below one and another, the whole page is a row so I can have element next to this navigation bar(just like how bubble does it where they have their nav bar with design and databases and an area to create app), you can actually check it here TurboM | Bubble Editor

This is very tricky and I’ve never solved it completly.

I have a special part on my app that it fills up the all screen (100vh, 100vw) but there is custom css and javascript envolved.

One way that is rather simple to achieve is to make a “floating group” that is attached to the top left corner of the screen. Make it as long as you want (6000px!) and the it will only show the top of the floating group that is within the window. When you scroll the group is fixed on the top left of the browser.

Your editor was publicly editable (I’d change that if I were you)… so I took the liberty of fixing it for you…

All you needed to do was set the minimum height of the side bar to 100%

(note: that will make the side bar 100% of the page height (not the screen height), so if you want to keep the nav bar from scrolling with the page, a floating group might be a better option.

Hi there,

thanks for the notice and yes I will try that now

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