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Hidden repeating group causing the page height to stretch

I have a mobile app that uses a custom state to navigate between the pages. I have a page with a news feed witch contains a repeating group with a long list of content so its height is set to 100%.

When I navigate from that news feed page to a page called “create new post”, the height of the “create new post” page is stretched to the height of the news feed page even though that news feed page is no longer visible. Does anyone know why its stretching and how I can make it so that it isn’t?

Put it in a column group with a max height (100% or whatever suits your app) and make this group vertically scrollable by checking that box on it.

Then make the RG fit to height and you should be good

Do I set the minimum and max height for the repeating group or leave it at 100%?

I tried both leaving the rg with no min or max and tried leaving it at 100% and its still stretching. It also sticks (stops scrolling) in the middle of the rg

the column group containing the rg:

The rg:

Is it so hard to try the various options? :man_shrugging:

I was double checking that I understood his option. Can you tell me what I missed?

Keith help your boy out

Are the images I added the correct settings you recommended? Just wanted to follow up because I’m launching this app soon and have been struggling with this for a while. thanks for your help.

Should work.
A parent group here seems to be fixed - try making that a column?

I made the parent group which contains the RG a column but I’m still having the same issues. do you know what else might be the issue? Here’s a view link to the app:

Try making the page a column instead of ‘Align to Parent’ on the Container layout dropdown

You’re talking about the index right? I made it a column and its still having that scroll issue. When I make the “News feed page” a fixed height of 555 for example, it fixes the problem. But when I do that, it’s not responsive to fit all mobile devices.

Do you know of a different way to make the height of that group responsive? I tried to set conditions to change the height when the of the page changes but it only has “when current pages width” as an option.

If you still have your RG’s parent group’s height set to 84% it’s gonna look like there’s something taking up space when it really is just a blank area.

So your RG’s parents is only taking up 84% of it’s own parent’s height and thus leaves that 16% blank.

Yeah the other 16% is taken up by a two floating groups. One at the top (the header is a floating group so that its always at the top) and the other at the bottom (the navigation panel, same idea)

Column: News feed page
Header: Header FG
Nav: Nav FG