Make input text uppercase

Can someone show me how to make input text Uppercase?

Not sure if you can do it within the input without some advanced state stuff, @NigelG may have a solution. It’s simple to make it upper case when you save or display text, like so:

Or “uppercase” if you want all caps.


Thanks, I was trying to show it in capitals while they are entering it in the input

@emmanuel is this possible?


No not yet.

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I guess the only way would be to have a search box, but that would need all the words you want capitalised. So unlikely to be practical.

Other than that, can’t think of how to do it.

Any updates on text reformatting options like this? it would be very nice to be able to convert the case of text

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Well, as noted above, you CAN convert any string to lowercase, uppercase, capitalized words, etc. using the various operators for the string (text) type.

While the native input field can’t restyle text “on the fly” as it is typed in, what you CAN do is “when this input’s value is changed” perform the operation on the underlying value. If the input has a dynamic source of that underlying thing, you’ll see the input reformat into the desired styling.

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Oh, you’re right! That’s rad!

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